Guide to Electronic Versions


  1. From the Begin­ning

    Genesis and Truth

    The Beginning of Genesis

    Genesis 1  ▷  Male and Female

    Genesis 2  ▷  Flesh of My Flesh

    Genesis 2  ▷  Subordi­nation

  2. Sin and the New Adam

    Genesis 3  ▷  The Man’s Rule

    The New Man­kind

    Community and Subordi­nation

  3. The Family  ▷  Husbands and Wives

    The Husband’s Role

    The Wife’s Role

    Raising Chil­dren

  4. The Family  ▷  Key Texts

    Ephesians 5:22–33  ▷  As Christ

    1 Peter 3:1–7  ▷  Joint Heirs

    The Roles of Husbands and Wives

  5. The People  ▷  Service and Posi­tion

    Prophesying, Teaching, Charitable Service

    Women in Missionary and Pastoral Service

    Men and Governmental Posi­tions

    Roles and Community Struc­ture

  6. Social Roles and Galatians 3:28

    The Thrust of Galatians 3:28

    Galatians 3:28 and Social Differ­ences


    The Value of Role Differ­ences  ▷ 
    The New Testament View

  7. The Community  ▷  Key Texts
    (1 Corinthians 11:2–16; 14:33–36)

    1 Corinthians 11:2–16  ▷  Dishonoring Their Heads

    1 Corinthians 14:33–36  ▷  She Should Be Subordi­nate

  8. The Community  ▷  Key Texts
    (1 Timothy 2:8–15)

    The Thrust of the Pas­sage

    The Grounding of the Pas­sage

  9. Summary  ▷  The New Testament Teaching as a Whole

    Summary of the New Testament Teach­ing

    Authority of the Teach­ing

    The Intent of the Teach­ing

    Concluding Obser­vations

  10. Note on Method  ▷  Exegesis

    The Exegetical Ap­proach

    Christian Liberationist Exe­gesis

  1. The New Testament Approach  ▷ 
    Jesus and Paul

    A Distinctive New Testament Ap­proach

    Jesus and First-Century Juda­ism

    Paul and Pagan Cul­ture

  2. The New Testament Approach  ▷ 
    Setting and Cul­ture

    The New Testament and Social Struc­ture

    The New Testament in Its Setting

    The Question of “Cul­ture”

  3. Christian Tradition  ▷  Husbands and Wives

    What Is Tradi­tion?

    Family Order in Tradi­tion

  4. Christian Tradition  ▷  Government of the Commu­nity

    The Evidence for Governing Posi­tions

    The Strength of Tradi­tion

  5. The Authority of Scripture

    The Nature of Scriptural Author­ity

    Submission to Scrip­ture

    Is This Fundamen­talism?

  6. Bypassing Scriptural Authority

    Modern By­passes

    The Real Chal­lenge

  1. Men’s and Women’s Differ­ences  ▷ 
    Individual Charac­teristics

    Understanding Men’s and Women’s Differ­ences

    Descriptive Social Sci­ence

    Experimental Psychol­ogy

  2. Men’s and Women’s Differ­ences  ▷ 
    Social Structural Charac­teristics

    The Social Structural Patterns of Men and Wom­en

    Explaining the Social Structural Data

    Conclusion  ▷  Individual Charac­teristics and Social Structural Charac­teris­tics

    Consequences and Direc­tions

  3. Note on Method  ▷  Social Science

    The Distinc­tiveness of This Book’s Ap­proach

    Feminist Social Science

  4. The New Social Environ­ment  ▷ 
    Techno­logical Society

    Technological and Traditional Soci­eties

    Functional and Relational Principles of Social Struc­ture

    Social Structure in Techno­logical Society

    The Family in Techno­logical Society

    Men’s and Women’s Roles and the Misin­terpre­tation of Social History

    Evaluating Techno­logical Society

  5. The New Intellectual Environ­ment  ▷ 
    Ideology and Christi­anity

    Modern Ideological Posi­tions

    The Christian Re­sponse

    Concluding Obser­vations

  6. Applying Scrip­tural Teach­ing

    What Is Its Meaning for Now?

    The Intent of Scrip­ture

    Some Principles of Appli­cation

  1. The Bases of a Christian Approach Today

    Becoming a People

    Restoring Christian Relation­ships  ▷ 
    Relational Group­ings

    Restoring Christian Social Struc­ture  ▷ 
    Social Roles

    Alternate Social Patterns  ▷ 
    Tradition­alism and Social­ism

  2. Guidelines for a Modern Christian Approach to Men’s and Women’s Roles

    Basic Prerequisites for Men’s and Women’s Roles

    Key Biblical Teaching on Men’s and Women’s Roles

    Adapting to Techno­logical Society

    Relating Outside of Christian Commu­nity

    The Feasibility of a Christian Resto­ration of Men’s and Women’s Roles

  3. Special Issues in Constructing a Modern Christian Social Struc­ture

    Strengthening Family Life

    Structures of Christian Leader­ship

    Male and Female Person­ality

    Relationships between Men and Wom­en

    Single People

    The Need for a Pastoral Strat­egy

  4. Ordination, Occupation, Legislation

    Ordination of Wom­en

    Women and Occu­pations


    Christians in the World




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